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Apply For A Free VOCA 30days Trial

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Terms & Conditions For
The Free Voca Trial Campaign






VOCA TC-X Bundle (type G plug)


Included in the bundle is 1x VOCA TC-X Main Unit, 1x Touch Faucet, 1x R2 Wireless Touch Controller (white), 1x 3M Water Filter, Installation Components and Manuals.

By submitting the form, the Applicant agrees to the following:

  1. Alenic Ltd will provide 1 (one) VOCA TC-X Bundle (including accessories) as outlined above (Product).

  2. The shipping fees will be covered by Alenic Ltd (within the UK/EU).

  3. The Applicant will have 30 days to trial the product free of charge. By the end of the trial period, the Applicant will either purchase the product at the agreed discounted price or return the product to Alenic Ltd.

  4. The applicant bears responsibility over the product once the box is opened. In the event of a return, the product will need to be delivered in a functioning status (normal wear and tear is acceptable and will be judged on a case by case basis). In the event that the product is being returned damaged or non-functioning, the Applicant will be liable to pay the agreed discounted price.

  5. Installation will be the responsibility of the Applicant. Alenic Ltd will not be liable for any necessary works or costs (electrical, plumbing, etc) nor will be responsible for any damages to the property or people during the installation or use of the product.

  6. In the unlikely event that the product already presents damages upon delivery, the Applicant is required to provide proof (photos/videos) and communicate it to Alenic Ltd immediately via email.

  7. The agreed discounted price is agreed upon successful enrolment to the offer and will be paid by the Applicant via bank transfer to the account communicated by Alenic Ltd or via debit/credit card.

  8. At the end of the trial period, the Applicant is expected to provide Alenic Ltd with a brief review of the product (positives/negatives) which can be delivered via email or social media.

  9. In the event of a return at the end of the free 30 days trial period, Alenic Ltd will cover the return shipping costs (from a UK/EU address).

  10. If the applicant decides to keep the product, payment of the agreed discounted price will be due within 7 (seven) days from the end of the 30 days trial period. The Applicant is hereby advised that if no return is arranged and no payment is received by then, Alenic Ltd will have the right to proceed with a legal payment request and any legal costs will be debited to the Applicant.

  11. For any questions or to inform Alenic Ltd of the decision to either keep or return the product, the Applicant is required to email

  12. In the event that the Applicant decides to keep the product, all standard T&C (available on the website will thereafter apply. For the sake of legal terms of warranty, in that case the commencing date will be set as the original delivery date of the product.

  13. Upon submission of the form below, the Applicant will be contacted by Alenic Ltd to be informed if they successfully qualified for a free 30 days trial product and will be advised of any necessary documents or additional information.

  14. This offer is limited to a set number of units and Alenic Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time. 

Free Testing T&C
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