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About VOCA

VOCA is an amazing and innovative product that will revolutionise the instant hot water taps industry. 

Proudly made in Taiwan, where alone it delivers thousands of units each year, Alenic Ltd is delighted to be the exclusive importer/distributor for the EUK. Featuring a cutting edge patented technology, VOCA is completely tankless and manages to heat the mains cold water up to 95ºC within 2-3 seconds. This unique characteristic means that no dirt or impurities build up inside a tank and it doesn’t require periodic cleaning and maintenance. It is also much smaller than other tank-reliant models, meaning that it is ideal for any environment.

The VOCA TC-X bundle also includes a wireless touch controller, a high quality water filtration system and a stainless steel touch tap. The wireless controller allows the user to easily select the desired quantity and temperature, making it the perfect solution for those who are looking for the new generation of drinking solutions. The stainless steel tap also features three pre-set temperature touch buttons and includes a white LED light ideal for low-light situations.


Perfect for both home and commercial, VOCA is the next level of luxury and comfort that will enhance the experience around the kitchen sink and offices/lounges. 


The product underwent strict tests, third-party examinations and is UKCA/CE and RoHS compliant. Our manufacturer is a highly reputable business in Taiwan who only uses prime quality materials and only embraces the highest standards.

This website is owned and managed by Alenic Ltd who is the exclusive importer/distributor for the Voca tankless instant hot water dispenser and its related accessories in the UK and Europe. Our company is registered in Scotland (SC678876), 5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 4AN.

For any questions, support or request for information please feel free to contact us by using our contact form here.

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