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Feel free to browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to find quick answer to your questions about our VOCA TC-X Instant Hot Water Dispenser, our R2 Wireless Touch Controller or out Touch controlled Faucet. 

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  • Does the VOCA TC-X really have no tank?
    Absolutely. Thanks to our unique patented tankless technology the filtered water is being heated instantly on demand at your desired temperature (from original up to 95°C). All within seconds!
  • Is the water really instant hot? How long does it take to reach 95°C?
    The average wait is between 3-5 seconds only.
  • Does the VOCA TC-X offer a water filter for home solution?
    Yes, the VOCA TC-X bundle comes with a high quality water filtration system that conveniently erogates high quality, fresh tasting water. The solution is ideal for homes or even offices (also considering its small size and how easy it is to install)
  • How much electricity does the VOCA TC-X consume?
    On standby the average consumption is only 2W (lower than an average LED light bulb). The required energy increases depending on the output temperature. At its peak (95°C) each KWh can produce 13lt of instant hot water. example: if a household needs on average 3lt of 95°C hot water a day = 90lt for 30 days. In this case, including the standby use the monthly average consumption is less than 9 KWh. At the standard average energy rates in the UK, that is roughly £1.50 a month.
  • How big is the Voca TC-X
    The Main Unit (not considering the cable) is W 234mm x D 52mm x H 382mm. That's slightly bigger than a standard ream of a4 paper.
  • Can the VOCA TC-X be installed horizontally?
    We recommend to only install the VOCA TC-X in its intended vertical position, wall-mounted by using the purpose mounting holes on the back. This way it will also take the least space possible thanks to its slim design.
  • Can I hook the VOCA TC-X on the back panel?
    The Main Unit weight is 3kg. As every environment differs we cannot advise on specific installation location, but please keep the weight in mind when deciding the location and make use of suitable screws/wall plugs.
  • Can the output quantity differ from what was set by the user?
    To ensure its durability and overall efficienty, the VOCA TC-X has a tolerance of ± 10%. It is normal if the quantity differs within this range.
  • What's the wireless reach?
    Up to 3 metres.
  • Can it be charged wirelessly?
    Yes. The R2 Wireless Touch Controller is equipped with QI technology, although we recommend to use it only as a backup option as it can cause the device to heat considerably. Charging via USB cable should always be the preferred option.
  • Is the interface user-friendly and what languages does it support?
    The interface has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. We have received great feedback from our customers for its simplicity and ease of use. Its intuitivity is such that no text is required, only numbers and icons, making it the perfect tool no matter the language you speak.
  • Where should the R2 Wireless Touch Controller be stored?
    The R2 Wireless Touch Controller is designed to give you the best user experience and flexibility. It comes with two handy gadgets: a counter stand and a wall bracket. It can easily be removed so you can use both or chose the one that most suits your needs. As it is completely independent it can also be stored away out of the reach of children if needed.
  • How long does the battery last?
    On average daily uses the battery can be expected to last for a few months.
  • What does warning 04 mean?
    It refers to a situation called "gasification". It means that the pressure dropped too quickly or at that moment not enough water is coming in from the mains. If that happens the water realease will stop to protect the VOCA TC-X. This is usually nothing to worry about and the setting can be restarted after a few seconds.
  • How can the device be activated?
    When in sleep mode, the R2 Wireless Touch Controller can be woken up by just touching the screen. It is also vibration-sensitive and will wake up in case of surrounding vibrations.
  • What are the controls built into the Touch Faucet?
    There are three colour distinct controls: original temperature (blue), warm 55-60°C (orange) and hot 90-95°C (red).
  • Does the Touch Faucet have any built-in lights?
    Yes. There is a built-in white LED light that turns on while releasing water, which is particularly convenient in low-light situations and it helps to avoid having to turn on the lights. The three touch controls are also illuminated for easy recognition.
  • Does the Touch Faucet have a child safety function?
    Yes. The 'hot water' button has an added safety step: it will start flashing once touched and it will only start to release water if touched a second time within 5 seconds.
  • How large should the hole on the sink/counter be?
    The hole should be aproximately 12mm wide. In case of an existing wider hole a ring adapted could be used between the surface and the faucet.
  • What is it made of?
    The body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, while the controls panel is made of high quality capacitive touch glass.
  • Can the Touch Faucet be rotated?
    Yes. The Touch Faucet can be rotated to 180°.


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